We stand for value,
we create value.

Through our subsidiaries we are active in the field of production, investment and trade.

Technology, manufacturing and development

Technology, manufacturing
and development

As venture capitalists we invest in promising Hungarian startup companies and support their domestic or international activities. We are mainly active in the field of food industry, automotive industry and IT. Our primary aspects are effectiveness and innovation.

Real Estate Invesment

Real estate

We build luxury complexes and single-family houses both downtown and in the suburbs.

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International Trade


The leadership of the company possesses substantial experience in international trade and in cross-border investments. Through MIB Trade Kft., we participate in joint venture projects with our partners and work to increase foreign market share and the volume of export. Our main target market is Russia.

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The MIB Invest Group

The MIB Invest Group

Our team of highly qualified and motived experts works in our headquarters located in Győr, one of Hungary’s rapidly developing cities.

Through our subsidiaries we are active in the field of production, investment and trade. We take part in the accomplishment of international projects in the food industry, engineering and IT. Through financial aid and through our experience on foreign markets we contribute to the success of these projects.

The Beginning

The Beginning

The MIB Invest Group was founded with a significant capital contribution in 2018.

The establishment of our company was funded by the sale of the owner’s previous agricultural company, which was built in the last two decades.

The experience gained in this period helped us to successfully start our trading activities through MIB Trade Kft. In 2019 the real estate development projects of MIB Property Kft were also initiated.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We stand for value, we create value.

From the outset it was clear that we would like to become a trusted partner for our clients contributing to their international and domestic success.

We are committed to conduct socially beneficial, progressive and profitable business. Our core values are innovation, creativity and continuous learning.

Our Philosophy



Contact us

Contact us

Contact us


MIB Invest Group
Phone: +36-96/952-474
Address: 9024 Győr, Hunyadi str. 14